Rome, November 24, 2016

With only two weeks to go to when the NOC’s Athletes Ambassadors will participate in the online education session run by EOC Olympic Culture and Legacy Commission jointly with the EOC Athlete’s Commission, there is still time for the few European NOCs who have not yet appointed their young athlete ambassador to send his/her name and contacts to the EOC Head Office in Rome.

On the road to next year’s EYOF competitions, early this summer the EOC launched an Olympic education project targeted at the teams preparing for these games. The aim of this project is to strengthen Olympic values, and thus its purpose is to work towards implementing Recommendation 22 of Olympic Agenda 2020.

The EYOF education programme is implemented in two steps.
First, the athlete ambassadors are trained online by the EOC Olympic Culture and Legacy Commission, jointly with the EOC Athlete’s Commission.
Then these ambassadors will educate their own participating athletes prior their journey to the EYOF.

This two-step process is designed to tackle the language challenge and to secure that all participating athletes have a discussion partner that is close by, and who they can easily talk with and understand.

NOC athlete ambassadors will need good English and human skills. Athletes who have been YOG athlete ambassadors are to be preferred, as they already have a good pre-understanding of what is required from athletes’ ambassadors, and therefore will be able to quickly grasp the essentials of the process and be of help in transmitting the value based message to young athletes at home.

Susanna Rahkamo, chair of the EOC Olympic Culture and Legacy and Jean- Michel Saive, chair of the EOC Athletes Commission, will lead the project.

The online training course will take place on 8 December, 15.00-17.00 Central European
Time, when the ambassadors will be guided in the use of some facilitation tools in order to help discussion.

Time is running. Hurry up!