European Youth Olympics Festival

1st Edition of EYOA

2017 Winter EYOF Erzurum

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  • BEL

    Karen Persyn

  • BIH

    Lejla Tanovic

  • BLR

    Anastasiya Lesik

  • BUL

    Liliya Pandurova

  • CYP

    Christopher Papamichalopoulos

  • EST

    Rasmus Pind

  • FIN

    Ekaterina Volkova

  • FRA

    Marie-Laure Brunet

  • GBR

    Claire Hamilton

  • GEO

    Mariam Bolkvadze

  • GER

    Saskia Langer

  • GRE

    Stefanos Tsimikalis

  • ISL

    Iris Berg Bryne

  • KOS

    Lyra Hoxha

  • LTU

    Aras Arlauskas

  • MDA

    Ana Svetova

  • ROU

    Robert Glinta

  • RUS

    Maksim Berdnikov

  • SLO

    Anze Bercic

  • SRB

    Nina Micic

  • SVK

    Alexandra Longová

  • TUR

    Faik Yuksel

  • UKR

    Vira Perederii

Virtual Olympic

Despite the postponement of the Winter EYOF from 2021 to 2022, the EYOAs did not lose their momentum and decided to plan Virtual Olympic Week (VOW) during the original dates of the 15th Winter EYOF (6-13 February 2021).

  • EYOAs assessed the programme very positively (4,8/5)
  • The VOW reached almost 40,000 people
  • Online workout with Olympians
  • EYOF EYOA Podcasts

“Great spirit
of the EYOAs”

"Very cool


Meet a little better some members of this great team of ambassadors and discover the main motivation that has brought them here.