European Youth Olympics Festival

Claudia Mestre Moreno

Great Britain

24 years old

Running, athletics

Spanish, English, Catalan, French, Italian, German


What are your passions and hobbies?

Running, walking in nature and hiking, dancing, learning new languages, photography.


What is your secret superpower (or one you would like to have)?

The superpower I would like to have is to read minds, this way I could always know the honest opinions and thoughts of people and connect better with them. But I would like to choose when I read the minds, as otherwise, I would go crazy with all the continuous thoughts of people around me!


What is your favourite dish from your country?

Pisto de verduras.


Who is the most inspiring athlete for you?

Katarina Johnson-Thompson (British athlete), because she is an example of someone who pushes through setbacks.


The words I live by are… (motivational quote)

The actions you do today create who you will be tomorrow.


What motivated you to apply for the EYOA programme?

I wanted to be part of a group of inspiring, like-minded people who love sport and want to make a difference through sport and education. Also, a good opportunity to meet interesting people across Europe.


What are your goals as an EYOA?

My goals are to deliver a week of amazing, inspiring, thought-provoking activities that will inspire the athletes of the EYOF Vuokatti and beyond, to see sport as more than just competition, but also as a way to create friendships, celebrate the joy of effort, and be a role model in society.


What would be your dream job in the future?

Being part of an organisation that inspires others through sport and helps them live a better and more active life.


What are your expectations from being an EYOA and the EYOF in Vuokatti (FIN)?

I expect a really fun and interactive week with the rest of the EYOAs and the athletes, where a lot of learnings and friendships will be created and hopefully all of us will finish the event inspired to continue promoting the value of Olympic Sport in all other areas of society.


What does Olympism mean to you?

Olympism to me means living a life with the values, health and positivity that sports provide, and applying it to all areas of your life.