European Youth Olympics Festival

Era Shala


18 years old

Alpine skiing

Mavrovo Race (Gold Medal), Cup of “Arxhena”, Cup of “Rugova”, FIS Children Race Mavrovo, FIS Albanian Race

English, Italian


What are your passions and hobbies?

Ski racing, swimming, exploring nature, hiking.


What is your secret superpower (or one you would like to have)?

My secret superpower that I would like to have is being able to fly.


What is your favourite dish from your country?

My favourite dish from Kosovo is Pite.


Who is the most inspiring athlete for you?

Marcel Hirscher (Austrian Alpine skier).


The words I live by are… (motivational quote)

You only fail when you stop trying.


What motivated you to apply for the EYOA programme?

I was about to take part in the Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne, it was my dream since I was a little girl, but I had really bad luck – one day before the competition I broke my leg while training. I want to share my story and to inspire young athletes that they should not give up. Sport is everything, it’s the only thing that brings nations together.


What are your goals as an EYOA?

My goal is to introduce the athletes to the international sporting community and encourage them to discover the power of the Olympic Movement and the strength of the Olympic values.


What would be your dream job in the future?

Real estate agent and sports agent.


What are your expectations from being an EYOA and the EYOF in Vuokatti (FIN)?

To inspire athletes and take part in something so big as the EYOF Vuokatti. I want to be part of the sport community and help people make good changes and be helpful to those in need.


What does Olympism mean to you?

Olympism seeks to create a way of life by blending sport with culture, education and international co-operation. It is based on the joy of effort, the educational value of a good example, social responsibility and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles.