European Youth Olympics Festival

Senna Deriks


21 years old


Olympic Games Rio 2016, World Championship Stuttgart 2019 (10th with the team), European Games Minsk 2019 (6th individual All-around final)

Dutch, English, French


What are your passions and hobbies?

Read, Going to the gym and cooing.


What is your secret superpower (or one you would like to have)?

Pretty good at listening to people and helping to put everything in a different perspective.


What is your favourite dish from your country?

Belgian chocolate.


Who is the most inspiring athlete for you?

Every athlete loves to do their sport and continues to push through the hard times to succeed and achieve their personal goals.


The words I live by are… (motivational quote)

Work hard and do what makes you happy!


What are your goals as an EYOA?

To help young athletes in experiencing all the amazing opportunities and challenges that comes with being an olympian.


What would be your dream job in the future?

Seeking a career in diplomacy or international law.


What are your expectations from being an EYOA and the EYOF in Vuokatti (FIN)?

Helping young athletes make their Olympic experience enjoyable and realize you should be proud of yourself in one way or another!


What does Olympism mean to you?

To work hard for your own goals and the sport you love, to be grateful for the opportunities you get and to be proud for the rest of your life!