European Youth Olympics Festival

Ana Svetova

Republic of Moldova

Ana Svetova

24 years old, Marketing and international relations specialist at the NOC

Swimming, figure skating, judo

English, Russian, Romanian, German, French


Why I am part of the EYA?

“Even though I am not an athlete, and actually have little in common with sports, I am still admiring people who do it and especially those who do it professionally. I consider I was a strong candidate for this role namely because i could view sports from a different angle and see how much work it takes to become a professional in this domain.”

What did I give to athletes?

“Even though it’s not much, but support was the only thing necessary for these kids and I provided all of it. But at the same time, i got them out of their rooms and motivated to take part in the various activities that we had for them. I really consider this factor to be important, since the athletes put aside their phones and started communicating, some of them have even become friends and are still meeting from time to time.”

How do I describe a European Young Ambassador (EYA)?

“I think a YA should be inventive (you never know what might happen – i once had to sew athletes lucky t-shirt 5 minutes before the competition), attentive (he/she should not forget how emotional the kids are), companionate (sometimes a hug is all they need) and smile (no matter how hard the job is, even though you have run in snow a couple of miles with a camera on your shoulders – you have to smile and sheer up your athletes).”

How did I interact with athletes?

“Directly of course. I have spent most of my time with them. I have been living together in the dorm with swimming team, so I guess I have interacted with them more, but still, I have spent with ALL of them almost all my time. Even at lunch.”

What did I learn from my job as a EYA?

“As I said, you really have to be inventive – you never know what might happen. And even though, this job looks easy, in fact it requires a lot of effort and involvement. But it is still super amazing!”

What was my motto?

“Cheer up!”