European Youth Olympics Festival

Christopher Papamichalopoulos


Christopher Papamichalopoulos

29 years old, Sport Scientist

Olympian, Multiple National Champion, Gold Medalist in International FIS race, Honorary Medal by President of the republic of Cyprus, Honored multiple years by Larnaca Municipality

Alpine Skiing

Greek, German, English


Why I am part of the EYA?

“As an Olympian I want to contribute in the development of sport at all levels. I strongly believe in building a better and more peaceful world, by educating youth through sport and passing on the Olympic Values and Ideals.”

What did I give to athletes?

“Athletes were able to participate, interact and mix with athletes of different nations much easier. By various socially activities, the ideals of Olympism and the core Olympic values were promoted and understood amongst each other.”

How do I describe a European Young Ambassador (EYA)?

“The Young Ambassador acts as a role model for the younger generation and thus promotes Olympism and its core Olympic Values.”

How did I interact with athletes?

“Social activities by bringing young athletes together included small games, gatherings, visiting various venues. Furthermore, social media was a very strong tool for itself.”

What did I learn from my job as a EYA?

“As an Olympian and former athlete, it is our obligation to contribute in the development of sport at all levels! During the preparation period but also at the actual event, where so many nations finally gather together, it is vital that we pass this bigger message behind the Olympic Festival as we can clearly mark the paths of our younger generation athletes.”

What was my motto?

“In an area of Olympic Festivals, where young athletes can also be socially active, there are many ways and opportunities to actively promote the core Olympic Values. As a Young Ambassador we guide these young athletes through mutual activities, games and gatherings. Our aim to bring together youngsters and promote the communication amongst them. That is how we, as Young Ambassadors try to pass on this bigger message behind any Olympic Festival. We believe it is vital in our society, for we can clearly mark the paths of our youth, the people who make up tomorrow.”