European Youth Olympics Festival

Ekaterina Volkova


Ekaterina Volkova

19 years old, Student and gymnastics coach

Rhythmic gymnastics

Champion of the Nordic countries, Finland's champion several times and a member of the Olympic team in 2016 in Rio.

Finnish, Russian, English


Why I am part of the EYA?

“I have practiced in rhythmic gymnastics for 12 years and I was the champion of the Nordic countries, Finland’s champion several times and a member of the Olympic team in 2016 in Rio. As a former Olympic gymnast, I am very interested in all kinds of sports. I work with gymnasts aged 7-15 and train them to become professional sportsmen. Also, I collaborate with the Association of Finnish Gymnastics and Olympic Committee. I would like to develop sport for children and young people in Finland.”

What did I give to athletes?

“My job was to help and mentor the athletes. I helped them with schedules and tried to bring nice atmosphere and team spirit to our team. I also told them about the Olympic traditions, fair play and my own experience in Rio Olympic Games.”

How do I describe a European Young Ambassador (EYA)?

“A Young Ambassador should be a highly-motivated and open-minded person. Besides a Young Ambassador must motivate the young athletes to become active actors in Olympic movement.”

How did I interact with athletes?

“During my stay in Erzurum I met many wonderful and inspiring people. As an ambassador I met international athlete ambassadors. Some of them had been in many previous Olympic Games and had even won Olympic medals. I was the youngest ambassador, so it was interesting to hear their stories and I learned a lot from them. Together we tried to improve the ambassador system and find a way how to continue it after that European Youth Festival.”

What did I learn from my job as a EYA?

“We spent evenings together with all Finnish athletes. Our favorite activities were team building games and discussions about Olympic spirit.”

What was my motto?

“The impossible is possible.”