European Youth Olympics Festival

Evangelia Drougka


22 years old, college student


Many nationals medals in optimist and 420, 2nd european in optimist, 1st world under 16 in 420

Greek, English, French


Why I am part of the EYA?

“I am very passionate about my sport and more general about sports. Moreover, I really like to be surrounded by kids and I believe that I can help them see why sports are important in order to socialize and also be in good health and physical condition.”

What do I give to athletes?

“I have many stories and personal examples to give to younger athletes from my experiences, to show them that we never give up. to show them that is not only about the win and motivate them to try hard about what they want and like no matter what.”

How do I describe a European Young Ambassador (EYA)?

“YA for me is someone who can lead others and communicate with them, share experiences and adventures.”

What is my motto?

“Never give up and always look on the bright side.”