European Youth Olympics Festival

Maksim Berdnikov

Russian Federation

Maksim Berdnikov

23 years old, sport administration student

biathlon, figure skating, track and field

Russian, English, German


Why I am part of the EYA?

“It’s been five years since I started volunteering for sporting events and discovered my passion for sport. I used every single opportunity to travel to different cities and offer my help to sport organizers. Year by year I felt more and more connected to sports through studying literature and following the news. I attended conferences and seminars to develop my knowledge and become more professional. I have gathered a certain experience and feel enthusiastic about living in the Olympic spirit.”

What did I give to athletes?

“Having got an insight into the history of sports, I was ready to discuss with athletes the origins of the Olympic Movement and look at its significance in our lives. I was there to talk about social values and the athletes’ role in the community. I was happy to extend their international network of friends and presented their achievements to the public through social media. I was there to learn their stories of success and used them to encourage other people.”

How do I describe a European Young Ambassador (EYA)?

“Helpful, inspirational, active.”

How did I interact with athletes?

“We went together to competitions and cheered on performing athletes. We set down together over lunch and talked about sports and the Festival. I organized a social media page and wrote daily reports about the athlete’s achievements and activities. I interpreted for athletes during their interview sessions. I helped to find partners for the wonderful tradition of exchanging pins and uniform items.”

What did I learn from my job as a EYA?

“The Olympic Values are not something that is very vague and not clear. There is an Olympic Value in every kind of activity and interaction. We just need to learn how to identify them in our daily life and make them part of our behavior.”

What was my motto?

“Work hard today to be proud of your yesterday and become stronger tomorrow.”