European Youth Olympics Festival

Rebekka Dahl


Rebekka Dahl

22 years old, Student (excersize and sports science, psychology)


World Games Winner, Youth World Champion, 4xbronze at senior worlds

English, Danish


Why I am part of the EYA?

“I have experienced the athletic life, it has given me so many values and tought me much more than just competitiveness. I’m thrilled about being a part of creating that atmosphere where to pass on the values, meanwhile connecting with people from all over the world.”

What do I give to athletes?

“International bonds and friendships, a safe and recognizable zone, and most importantly I hopefully give an example of living the olympic values.”

How do I describe a European Young Ambassador (EYA)?

“A young Ambassador would identify with the olympic values, to be able to share them authentically with others.”

What is my motto?

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”